You have made Hand Dyes by Jules become a reality.


Welcome to Hand Dyes by Jules. My passion is color, lots of color.  My goal is to make sure that you are using fabric and fibers and wearing clothing items that are unique, one-of-a-kind, and full of beautiful color from Hand Dyes by Jules.

~ Jules Brooks
Hand Dyes by Jules, CEO

Before I created Studio Jules Art and Hand Dyes by Jules, I was addicted to sewing and quilting.

When I was a little girl my mom sewed and did hand work. At the early age of 2, I had to be in her lap while she was at the sewing machine. When I was just a little older, maybe 5, my Ken doll needed new clothes. We couldn’t afford new clothes, so Mom told me I had to make them. She taught me how to sew hooks/eyes, snaps and buttons. Off I went to make Ken his improv shirts. Believe it or not, I still have some of the clothes I made Ken.

I continued to sew clothes on through school, (took every Home Ec class my high school had) and into my grownup years. Sewing clothes was okay, but I had my frustrating moments and quit every once in a while. In college I even majored in Home Economics when I started because sewing and cooking were my passions.

Moving on…


One day a wonderful neighbor built a house across the street from us. She collects quilts, antique quilts. My sweet friend turned me on to loving quilts and appreciating the colors and workmanship. One day I said, “Hey, I can make these. I have some treasured doll quilts that my grandmother and aunt made for me. My grandmother and aunt quilted; I can do this!” So, off I went, fabric in hand, thread in my bobbin, my beloved Bernina sewing machine and I started making quilts.

Well, as you may have guessed, I got bored with commercial fabrics. Why did I want to have the same fabric in my quilts that everyone else had in their quilts? For a while, I created quilts with batiks to give my creations a different edge. I’ve always been on the side of “doing my own thing”. Even when I sewed clothes, I couldn’t go completely by the pattern. I had to change something up.

One day…

I was looking through one of my quilting magazines and stumbled upon an article on dyeing fabric. WHAT! Oh my, here I go. Ordering fabric to dye, talking to my quilting friends to see what they knew about dyeing fabric, ordering dye and all the necessary dye ingredients. Next thing you know, I had taken over part of the garage with a dye studio and was having friends over for Dye Days and Dye Parties. Soon I became addicted to dyeing fabric and fibers (I guess there are worse things to be addicted to).

Next thing you know, I am teaching dye classes and selling my fabrics to my friends and reserving space at the local quilt shows to sell my hand-dyed fabric and fibers. Yes, I couldn’t just leave it to fabric, I had to include fibers – cheesecloth, pearl cotton, ribbon, if it was a natural fiber, I was dyeing it to see what happened. While dyeing fabric, I started throwing in old t-shirts and other clothes I had that needed a new life.

That’s how it all started.

And then it stopped. My husband was diagnosed with Younger Stage Alzheimer’s in 2012. After getting use to our “new way of life” I started quilting again and teaching quilting and dye classes at the house. But our “new way of life” due to my declining health due to being a caregiver ended in divorce. Now I am remarried to a wonderful man, healthy and back to being creative and full of energy to design beautiful hand-dyed fabric and clothes for my friends and customers.

Creating art quilts, quilts and hand-dyed fabrics and clothes are my passion. Currently, I am now teaching quilt classes, selling at quilt shows and looking forward to serving you here on Hand Dyes by Jules.

Through the years…

Several of my art quilts have won awards, I have art quilts published in books and magazines, plus travel with travelling exhibits. All of these are created with my hand-dyed fabrics and are one-of-a-kind designs. Plus, there have even been YouTube videos made using my fabrics for pattern tutorials.

I look forward to seeing your creations with your fabrics from Hand Dyes by Jules and hearing all the complements you receive when you wear your unique, one-of-a-kind clothing items.


Jules ~ Hand Dyes by Jules


Awards and Publications

Jules dyes fabric because she loves to share her passion and she wants to make sure her quilts standout from all the others. But she is also an award winning quilter, and her award winning quilts were all constructed with her hand dyed fabric.


  • 2021      Ogallala Quilt Festival, Dimmitt, TX Truck Quilt (1st Place), Finding Light in the Darkness  and  Prism Refraction (both Honorable Mention)
  • 2018     Plano Quilt Show, Plano, TX Prism Refraction (Honorable Mention), Needing Direction (2nd Place), Angel of Mercy (3rd Place)
  • 2018     Dallas Quilt Celebration, Dallas, TX Prism Refraction (Honorable Mention)
  • 2018     Dallas Area Fiber Artists’ Annual Show, CC Young Retirement Center, Dallas, TX Needing Direction (Best in Show)
  • 2013     Dallas Area Fiber Artists’ Annual Show, High Fiber Diet, CC Young Retirement Center – awarded “Best in Show” for Truck Quilt
  • 2010     Dallas Area Fiber Artists Annual Show, Dallas, TX, awarded “Best Wearable Art” for Kimono Jacket
  • 2009    Dallas Quilt Celebration, Dallas, TX, awarded “Second Place, Artisan Division” and “Judges Choice” (John Flynn) Old Alton Bridge


  • 2017       Art Quilting Studios Magazine, Winter 2018 Edition, – Finding Light in the Darkness Series
  • 2013       Sacred Threads 2013 Exhibition Book, Mary Kerr  – Shattered Curves
  • 2011      Lone Stars III: Texas Quilts Today 1986-2011, juried by Karey Patterson Bresenhan and Nancy O’Bryant Puentes, published by University of Texas Press – Old Alton Bridge
  • 2011       International Quilt Festival Quilting Scene Magazine, Winter 2011/2012, Truck Quilt
  • 2011      The Alliance of American Quilts – Quilter’s S.O.S. – Save our Stories Project Interview for S.O.S. project is archived in the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., – Sunflower with a Passion for Color