Fabric by the Yard

Quilting Cotton ~ Hand-Dyed to Create One-of-a-Kind Fabric by the Yard
Hand Dyes by Jules is the one online fabric shop where you will find the most irresistible quilting hand-dyed cotton fabric for studio stash and creations. I’m sure you will agree that our exquisite hand-dyed fabrics have outstanding depth and vibrant visual texture.

Our Process ~
We are dedicated to using high quality 100% cotton fabric and professional dyes in our hand-dye process. The majority of our dyed woven fabrics go through a method using ice.

Many quilters seek stylish fabric with a good cotton weave.  You will fall in love with the soft and supple hand of our hand-dyed fabrics.

Procion MX Dyes – Hand Dyes by Jules uses only the premium Procion MX Dyes from the top dye companies. This keeps our colors static and consistent.

After the hand-dying process, we lovingly wash our fabrics twice in hot water; cold rinse to ensure there is little to no bleeding left in the hand-dyed fabric. If I feel the hand-dyed fabric has too much bleed left in it, it goes back in the wash. If you are going to be using your hand-dyed fabric in creation that is going to be washed, I suggest washing again with a dye catcher.

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