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Hair Scrunchies


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Hair Scrunchies!

Ribbon Scrunchies are all the Rage Right Now

It’s Scrunchie time! Who would have thought scrunchies would be back in style?

Did you know they are one of the top-ranking beauty trends for Fall 2020? Yes, it’s true! Pinterest said so. Scrunchies are popular because they don’t tangle and hurt your hair the way elastic bands do. Hair scrunchies help keep your hair healthy. There are so many ways you can wear your hair and your scrunchie.

Hand Dyes by Jules has scrunchies for sale!

Single scrunchies.

Scrunchies with ribbons.

Scrunchies with tails.

Tie-Dye Scrunchies.

Ribbon Scrunchies - Handmade for You

The scrunchie has come back in style, probably because of its versatility and style. Add a pop of color to what you are wearing for the day. And, you can change them out every day and wear them to fit your mood.

Hand Dyes by Jules makes all of the cute scrunchies in her sewing studio, none of the scrunchies are outsourced. Sure, some of the scrunchies are made with commercial fabric, but some of them are made with her special hand-dyed fabric.

Jules has picked all of the fabrics that she thought young girls, teens, and women would like to wear. Most of them can be worn year-round.

You will find an array of cotton scrunchies that are bow scrunchies. If you prefer to wear your scrunchies without the ribbons are not attached, so they can easily be taken off and the hair scrunchie and worn alone.

Ribbon scrunchies are such fun. They can be worn in your hair (of course) and on your wrist (that’s the new trend I’m seeing all around town and in publications). When you buy more than one hair scrunchie, you can mix and match the ribbons.

There are so many cotton scrunchies out in the market right now and most of them have been commercially made, overseas, with cheap labor.

Hand Wash. Line Dry. Iron as needed.

Hair Scrunchie History

Hair scrunchies were invented by Rommy Revson in 1987. She thought and created, a version of a hair accessory that wasn’t a metal hair tie. Thank you Rommy! Oh, and the original name was spelled Scunci, after her pet toy poodle.

Scrunchies became very popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Big hair was in and women and girls needed to pull up their hair (especially in Texas – we know all about Texas big hair). Many famous actresses and music artists have made scrunchies popular through music videos, television shows, and movies.

So, click on your favorite scrunchie and put it in your cart. Don’t see the color you want? Contact Jules and ask her if she will custom make you what you are looking for.

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Additional information

Weight .2 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 in
Scrunchie Style

Desert Sunset Scrunchie, Desert Sunset Scrunchie with Bow, Hand Dyed Red Scrunchie, Hand Dyed Red Scrunchie with Ribbon, Hand-Dyed Coral Scrunchie, Hand-Dyed Coral Scrunchie with Ribbon, Leopard Scrunchie, Leopard Scrunchie with Ribbon, Ocean Blue Scrunchie, Ocean Blue Scrunchie with Ribbon, Polka Dot Scrunchie, Polka Dot Scrunchie with Ribbon, Red, Yellow and Blue Scrunchie with Ribbon, Texas Tech Scrunchie, Texas Tech Scrunchie with Ribbon, Turquoise Sunset Scrunchie with Ribbon


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