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Ocean Ripples Fabric


Life is Boring Without Color – Live the Hand-Dyed Lifestyle


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Ocean Ripples

Tie-Dyed Cotton Fabric

Ever watch the ocean water ripple after a drop a water hits the surface? That is what this small abstract collection reminds me of. I just feel so peaceful when I look at these pieces of tie-dyed fabric. The change in the colors reflects the dramatic changes in the water when a drop hits the water.

Ocean Ripples is a Limited Collection with unlimited potential. It was so much fun to ice dye and create! Tie-dyeing 100% cotton fabric in ocean colors of blues, greens and golden yellows is a unique collection of quilting cotton fabric.

Did you know that the color blue has been proved to calm the mind and is associated with water, peace and tranquility?  

Ocean Ripples - 1 Yard


We have ideas for Ocean Ripples

There are so many ways to create with the Ocean Ripples Limited Collection. Here are the ideas that Hand Dyes by Jules has thought of.

  • One-piece quilt. Can you imagine what a long-arm quilter could do with these pieces?
  • Slow-stitch these pieces and create ideal textile fabric for you to create an outstanding piece of textile art.
  • Pillows – use one of the fat quarters on each side of a square pillow and you can add it to your bohemian décor or dorm room.
  • Do you have a beach house? This textile fabric would be so beautiful to accent and bring the outside in.

Ocean Ripples - Fat Quarters

Ocean Ripples - Fat Quarter #1 SOLD
Ocean Ripples - Fat Quarter #3
Ocean Ripples - Fat Quarter #5
Ocean Ripples - Fat Quarter #7
Ocean Ripples - Fat Quarter #2
Ocean Ripples - Fat Quarter #4
Ocean Ripples - Fat Quarter #6
Ocean Ripples - Fat Quarter #8

Cotton cloth is the most popular textile fabric of quilters. Hand Dyes by Jules takes great care of the dyeing process. Using professional dyes, Jules carefully dyes and irons each piece. Now, if you find a spec of drool on your fabric, well, that just means Jules especially liked that piece.

Washed in hot water and cold rinse twice, there should be little bleeding if washed. Jules does suggest using a color catcher if you do wash the fabric again.

No other textile dyer come close to the premium product Hand Dyes by Jules produces. And no other dyer cares and loves on her tie-dye fabric more than Jules.

Yard: 36” x 44”

Fat Quarters: Approx. 22” x 18”

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Weight 8 oz
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