Modern Quilts in the Studio Jules Etsy Shop

Jules is back in the quilt studio, thanks to the colder weather and COVID stay at home advisories.

Jules just finished two new quilts and has them in the Studio Jules Art Etsy shop.

Ships and Waves and a modification of the Architecture pattern in Amy Friend book “Improv Paper Piecing”.  Jules used various white patterned fabrics and a combination of her indigo and navy hand-dyed fabrics.

The second quilt that Jules finished was made with the  Flying Falcons pattern by Violet Craft. Violet created her pattern with a scrappy look, but Jules wanted to make it with her hand-dyed fabric and paper white Grunge (Moda Fabrics).

The next several quilts are ones Jules created to see how the patterns worked, plus she just loved the patterns. You can find the quilts and the patterns in the Studio Jules Art Etsy Shop

You can find similar fabrics in the Fabric by the Yard section of her website.

Ships and Waves Modern Quilt - Studio Jules Etsy Shop
Flying Falcons Quilt - Studio Jules Art
Cryptic - Stuidio Jules Art Etsy Shop
Double Star Struck - Studio Jules Art Etsy Shop

Improv Quilts by Jules

Shattered Curves - Studio Jules Art on Etsy
Needing Direction - Studio Jules Art on Etsy